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Photo Days

The size of your preschool or child care centre will determine how many days of photography will be required. Sometimes a “Photo Week” or longer (particularly for large centres) is needed to ensure all children are included and the daily routines and activities of the centre are interrupted as little as possible.

Capturing a mixture of candid and loosely guided activity photos ensures children are photographed as they play naturally. They are not rushed from activity to activity just to get variety. This can easily make a child stressed, uncomfortable and unhappy resulting in photos that reflect these feelings. We gently work along side children throughout their day to blend in, be as unobtrusive as possible and allow them the space and freedom to be photographed while participating in their favourite activities.

Unique children, unique personalities

Naturally some children take more time to feel comfortable in front of a camera and of course, get to know and trust the photographer. Children are not forced to have their photo taken and if they appear tentative initially they are given more time to watch what is involved, observing others during their photo sessions.  Showing them a photo or two on the back of the camera on the day often does wonders for building interest, confidence and enthusiasm!

Group and sibling photos

If required, a group photo can be taken every day for each room (or the whole centre if preferred) to ensure those children who attend only one day do not miss out.
Sibling photos can also be taken upon request provided both siblings attend the center or preschool on the same day.
Educator and staff photos can also be taken upon request.